Episode 4: Working as a Distributed Team and the Future of Work

In this episode we discuss working as a distributed team and how remote work can impact teams. Co-incidentally, we also had to record this episode as a distributed team.

We also talk about how long the co-located office has left as a place of work.

This is our first time recording the Agile Engineering Podcast while working as a distributed team. As it stands we’re expecting to continue recording the podcast in this fashion for the foreseeable future. In any case, we hope that you enjoy this episode and our first foray into remote recording.

The reason for this is that at time of recording, there is a global health crisis happening in the form of COVID-19. As a warning, we touch on this on and off throughout the episode and while there is no deep dive into it, it is something that is discussed and with this in mind we understand that some listeners may find it distressing.

From us to you – stay safe, stay home and save lives.

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